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The Milo shoots with Orange on Ambrosia

milo motion control

Have a look at this previs of a complex move for Ambrosia. Originally intended to shoot this on the Motoman, Reflex encouraged the client to use the Milo as this was the best rig for the job, even though financially we would have been better off using the Motoman. This is critical when spec'ing a rig for a moco shot, the more preparation the better chance of delivering the shot as intended. The client and Orange Films were great, we worked together on this before the shoot and the shoot itself went smoothly. The commercial has aired and we will shortly post the final result.


The Mini Mo goes upside down

mini mo motion control

The latest Huggies shoot with production company Hey Darling required time lapse shots with the Mini Mo in a tight location, and the best way was to shoot with the rig underslung. We had not done that before, so we developed a rail system for this shoot. It worked perfectly! Watch this space for more news once the commercial has been released.

full spec


The Mini Mo speeds up

mini mo motion control

The Mini Mo now has 2 gear systems, low range for super slow time lapses and up to 0.5m/s, and high range which gives speeds up to 2m/s.

full spec


High speed on the Phantom HD Gold and Motoman robot

motoman motion control

Reflex Motion Control is a founding partner of ZAP, a high speed studio based in Midrand, South Africa. Before launching onto the SA market ZAP is developing the skills and equipment for high speed cinematography primarily for table top, but other applications too. Here is a shot from our test week in August. ZAP will in time become a full service offering for the delivery of high speed work. Watch this space for more announcements.


Motoman and Mini Mo shoot on German TVC for Audi

motoman & mini mo motion control

The Motoman was used to do a long time lapse effect for production company Atomik Pictures in Cape Town.

full spec


Mini Mo shoot shoots on The Dark Tower

mini mo motion control

The Mini Mo works on The Dark Tower in Cape Town with Moonlighting Films. Cannot say much more until it releases...

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